When Executive Team was asked to share about a TRE Root, I was really excited to share about Root #5 – Deliver Legendary Customer Service.

When I was in high school, I got the opportunity to deliver a Legendary Customer Service moment that I’ll never forget. I share about it in this video.

Two of the top companies known for their customer service are Ritz Carlton and Disney.

In this video Shep Hyken shares 4 lessons to learn from the Ritz Carlton.

  1. Create a Mantra
  2. Create Over-the-Top Experiences [1:45]
  3. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
  4. Treat Employees Like They are the Customer (if not even better!) [3:50]

Create Over-the-Top Experiences [1:45]

Fast forward to 1:45 and listen as he talks about an Over-the-Top Experience that employees created.

  • It’s a story about kids who are causing ruckus in the hallways.
  • I love what the employees did to “punish” them!

Treat Employees Like They are the Customer (if not even better!) [3:50]

And then skip to 3:50 as he talks about #4 – Treat Employees Like They are the Customer (if not even better!)

One of the things that has bothered me since I was hired is hearing employees say things like:

  • “I don’t feel welcome in the New Altitude space” or
  • “I got kicked out of a room because I wasn’t a ‘paying’ customer” or
  • “I can’t use the vending machine because ‘I’m not allowed’ on that side”.

Obviously, TRE knows how to Treat Employees Like They’re the Customer otherwise TRE wouldn’t have won FIRST PLACE in Gazette’s Best Workplace Awards. Yet, what I’ve witnessed from the Executive Team, is that they are always looking for ways to do even better. Being excellent isn’t good enough for this team, they strive to be exceptional. As a new employee, it is inspiring. The bar is set high 😊

Watch this video to find out how to get to the vending machines!

Do You Feel Overwhelmed?

Yet, as I was preparing this email, I began to feel overwhelmed – how was I going to deliver Over-the-Top customer service to New Altitude members. This time of year is so busy for businesses and personally as well.

With the mile long to-do-list

  • Attend the work party
  • Buy food for the item to take to the work party
  • Make said food
  • Buy the last minute stocking stuffers
  • Check the bank account to make sure there are funds for said stocking stuffers
  • Change the sheets for the company coming into town
  • The list NEVER ends

How are we supposed to have energy to provide Over-the-Top experiences?


So, I went back to see what TRE’s CEO had said about Delivering Legendary Customer Service when she wrote about it.

The Little Things Do Matter.

It was SO refreshing to read Colleen’s post. Delivering Legendary Customer Service doesn’t always have to be Over-The-Top. The little things do matter, and sometimes they matter the most.

As I read her post, three companies immediately came to mind for me – I’ve never had an “Over-the-Top” experience at any of the three, but I’m loyal to each of them. And why? Because of the little things they do every time I visit.

  1. Chick-fil-A. I know some of us feel like screaming if we have to hear “it’s my pleasure” one more time. And yet when I go to other fast-food restaurants who treat me so rudely, I find myself taking a mental note; it’s much better to hear “it’s my pleasure” than being ignored for 10 minutes as I wait to place my order.
  2. Dutch Brothers. Same concept – I know sometimes we get annoyed with their spunky upbeat attitude but guess where I find myself more often than not when I decide to splurge on a cup of coffee? (Side note: I splurge monthly on free sticker day). A silly sticker, a little thing, but yes, that’s why I go to Dutch Bros. AND I have a pile of Dutch Bro stickers collecting dust in the center console of my car. And yet, I still go to Dutch Bros the first Wednesday of the month.
  3. Heuberger Subaru.  I purchased a car from them almost twenty years ago. The night we bought the car, the salesman took us to the inhouse coffee shop so we could have something to sip on as we signed our life away. Because we didn’t want to buy a Brand-New car, he said he would throw in free lifetime of oil changes. So, every three months I went and got my oil changed, got my friendly cup of free coffee and was warmed by the sign that said “we welcome you to watch as we work on your car” ~Gunnar Heuberger. And as that newborn baby started to grow, we made a routine of it. Got coffee, watch the goldfish in the pond, and played with the toys in the waiting room. My toddler began to beg to go to the “zoo” (I guess Goldfish in a pond, rather than a tank, constituted as a zoo in my toddler’s eyes) and get coffee. My mom was going to go shopping with us one day, I told her I needed to get a quick oil change before we went. As we drove through Motor City, my 3-year started clapping “Yeah, we get to go to the Zoo today!”. My mom was super confused why my 3-year-old was so excited that we were going to get an oil change. Again, proof: the little, consistent things DO matter!

So don’t feel overwhelmed trying to create Over-the-Top experiences. If an opportunity presents itself where you’re able to provide an Over-the-Top experience, absolutely SEIZE it.

But know that those little things that you do everyday matter just as much! And sometimes more!

Email us and let us know:

When have you experienced Over-the-Top Customer Service?

When have you given Over-The-Top Customer Service?

What are the “little things” that matter to you?