You’ll find our building at 6385 Corporate Dr in Colorado Springs.  There are two points of entry from Corporate Drive, one from the north and one from the south.  Our sign at the entrance will let you know you’re in the right spot.

Our parking lot has ample space for both members and guests, letting you skip the stress and get to work.

Take a Look Around

Upon entering, look for the New Altitude logo on both the doors and behind our welcome desk.  If you’ve scheduled an appointment to visit our space in-person, someone from our team will greet you here.

Once inside, check out our many hot desks, offices and places to relax.  Whether you like being in the center of the action or need to hide-away and focus, our unique space has options for every need.

A Room for Every Occasion

We offer 5 unique meeting rooms and 2 break-out rooms of varying sizes and moods.  Whether it’s a day retreat with your team of 30 or an intimate client engagement, we have you covered.

Click here to check availability and book your meeting room.