Improve Relentlessly

Improve Relentlessly: Brought to you by The Resource Exchange

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What does it mean to Improve Relentlessly?
Continually pursuing improvement of our processes and systems as well as improvement of the individual contributions each of us makes towards driving success for the organizations that we work and the market we serve. Each of us inherently strives to become better at the things we do. And then guess what happens?

It makes them simpler, easier, or faster to do typically and it builds our satisfaction with our accomplishments and our view of ourselves.

Improving relentlessly means to be steady and persistent in our efforts to improve, never ceasing our efforts. Improving relentlessly brings together the wisdom of long-standing experience, the freshness of new learners, the ability to see what is working well and why, and the ability to Look Ahead and Anticipate. It takes diverse perspectives being discussed in an environment that supports Speaking Straight and Listening Generously. It also takes individuals owning responsibility for their personal efforts toward improving.

We often find ourselves navigating complex systems and work to align them with the complex needs of the markets we serve. This requires ongoing problem-solving, learning from what works and what doesn’t, and then improving on our own skills and knowledge as well as our team’s processes and the organization’s operations.

Because we are always interacting with change, pandemic, economy, changes within our team, or personal changes; being relentless in our efforts to improve supports us to proactively interact with change. We have a tendency to say “this process works really well right now and we do not need to change it.” However, if we are not Looking ahead and anticipating what could be coming, we will miss opportunities to be proactive in our efforts to improve relentlessly.

History has proved to us repeatedly, that continuing to do what you have always done, will not continue to produce the good outcomes it once did. You must be relentless in your efforts to improve in order to adapt to our ever-changing world.

What is your team doing to improve relentlessly?

Email us and let us know!